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Welcome to the brand new Surrenden Invest website

Welcome to the brand new Surrenden Invest website

The team here at Surrenden Invest are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website! We’ve been working day and night to create a finely tuned site that brings you not only a selection of carefully chosen property investment opportunities, but also a vast range of additional resources.

“Across the team, Surrenden Invest has access to a vast range of knowledge about buy to let property UK investment opportunities. We focus deeply on every regional market in which we operate and its part of our ethos to share the knowledge that we glean with our investors.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest
The new website achieves this in multiple ways. For those looking for regular updates on regional property markets, the Surrenden Invest blog is an invaluable resource. Articles cover everything from which areas are leading house price growth to which new infrastructure developments are creating opportunities for investors (did you know, for example, that Birmingham will be home to the UK’s only HS2-connected airport?).
We also look at wider market trends, considering the UK property market as a whole and looking at how the latest political and economic developments are likely to impact that market (if you’re interested in the relationship between Brexit and UK property, our regularly updated Brexit Guide is an absolute must).
Our guides and reports also include in-depth analyses of each of the areas in which we operate. If you want to know anything and everything about a particular regional property market, our Market Reports are the place to start. We pour our expertise into these reports in order to share our knowledge with our investors and allow them to invest with full confidence as to why we’ve chosen the areas we have, as well as the individual developments.
And, speaking of investing with confidence, we’re also thrilled to be launching two new calculator tools. The Mortgage Calculator allows you to quickly and easily work out how much your mortgage is likely to cost when you’re considering investing in a buy to let property. The Stamp Duty Calculator, meanwhile, can let you know how much stamp duty is payable on a particular residential property.

“As well as sharing information and useful tools, we wanted to ensure that the new Surrenden Invest website provided easier-than-ever access to the outstanding investment opportunities that we have sourced around the UK. As such, viewers can not only see which properties are available in which areas, but also enjoy quick access to our latest featured developments.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest
No. 76 Holloway Head in central Birmingham is one such development. The ultra-desirable B1 location means that residents will be at the very heart of the action, less than a minute from the iconic Mailbox and two minutes from New Street Station, the Cube, Grand Central and the Bullring.
Finally, for our investors who like to keep an eye on the latest progress with the site they’ve invested in, we’ve included a videos page, so that we can share regular construction updates, as well as tantalising teasers for forthcoming projects.

We would love to hear what you think of the new Surrenden Invest website. Connect with us on social media to share your views!

Buy to let landlords enjoy 15% greater returns

Buy to let landlords enjoy 15% greater returns

New analysis of HMRC data by lettings agency Ludlow Thompson has revealed a 15% jump in buy to let landlords’ rental income in a single year. Rental income for 2016/17 (the latest year for which data is available) totalled £18.7 billion – up 15% from the £16.2 billion of rental income in 2015/16.

“We’ve seen a diminishing number of buy to let investors over recent years, in part as a result of the government’s tinkering with stamp duty land tax and mortgage interest relief rates. One notable outcome of this has been the increasing professionalisation of those who remain committed to buy to let – investors are looking for the very best that the market has to offer. Another impact, based on the latest figures, seems to be that those investors who have stuck with buy to let are now enjoying an even larger share of greater returns.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest
Of those who remain within the buy to let sector, their investments can serve as both a means of current income and a nest egg for retirement. The stability of that monthly income is unlikely to waver much as a result of the Brexit process, given the UK’s large-scale inability to supply enough homes to meet the demands of its rapidly growing population.
Meanwhile, that same lack of supply is contributing to the long-term appreciation of their capital. Savills projects five-year compound property price growth of 14.8% for the UK as a whole, with many areas predicted to achieve price increases well in excess of this.
In the West Midlands, for example, Savills anticipates growth of 19.3% between now and 2023. This is good news for those investing in buy to let property UK opportunities in cities such as Birmingham.
A hub for regional redevelopment, Birmingham is home to some outstanding residential property investment opportunities. An example is No. 76 Holloway Head – a development of 34 apartments in an ultra-prime B1 location, directly opposite the city’s most expensive apartment and just a minute’s walk from the upscale Mailbox shopping and dining destination. Available from £197,625 and with yields of 6.0%, the apartments are precisely the kind of high-end buy to let opportunity that investors are keen to pursue.

“No. 76 is one of those property investment opportunities that is in the perfect place at the perfect time. The whole B1 postcode area is undergoing significant regeneration and those who have the vision to be part of its future right now look set to reap some impressive rewards in the future, both in terms of rental income and capital growth.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest
As Ludlow Thompson points out, wages inflation is growing steadily, and rental increases tend to track wage rises. This is mirrored by the Savills’ Autumn 2018 Residential Property Forecasts, which projects family income growth of 16.1% and rental growth of 13.7% nationally over the five years to 2023. All things considered, the outlook for buy to let investors is an overwhelmingly positive one.

For regular updates on investing in regional cities around the UK, be sure to follow the Surrenden Invest team on social media.

Expat investment in the UK – why property holds such a strong attraction

Expat investment in the UK – why property holds such a strong attraction

Some 4.2 million Britons live overseas, according to figures from the United Nations. The majority – 1.3 million of them – live in Australia, while a further 715,000 reside in the US and around 308,000 have settled in Spain. Of late, it is India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China that are attracting British expats according to Access Financial, with the combination of low tax rates and a low cost of living proving to be a winning one.

Some of those living overseas have cut all ties with the UK, but others continue to maintain financial links with the country of their birth, including through investing their overseas earnings back in Britain. And for many expats, it is property investment that particularly interests them.
Expat investment in the UK

“We’ve seen keen interest in recent years in property investment UK opportunities from those living overseas, including British nationals who have settled elsewhere but still want to benefit from the UK’s thriving property market. With prices in regional cities rising rapidly and strong yields available through buy to let properties, the UK often offers greater potential for capital growth and a stable income than is available overseas.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Birmingham’s excellent investment opportunities

That’s certainly the case if you take a look at many European countries. OECD data from 2010 to 2017 shows that the average real house price increase in the UK stood at 12%. Over the same period real prices in Spain dropped by 26%, while in Italy they fell by 20%, in Portugal by 6% and in Spain by 3.8%. The UK, then, not only delivers a housing market which many expats have first-hand experience of, but also the potential to for solid capital growth in real terms.
Regional cities play a key role in this. Birmingham, for example, has led house price growth in the UK since the Brexit vote in June 2016, according to Hometrack, with an average increase of 16%. Vast swathes of inner city regeneration are creating some excellent investment opportunities. The B1 postcode area regeneration zone is an example of this in action. Billions is being spent on developments such as Arena Central and Paradise Birmingham, with a host of opportunities springing up in the vicinity.
No. 76 Holloway Head, just a couple of hundred metres from Birmingham’s upscale Mailbox shopping and dining venue, is one such opportunity. Directly opposite Concord House – home to the city’s most expensive apartment, which sold for £1.8 million – No. 76 is home to 34 luxurious apartments that enjoy one of the best locations in the city centre. Just two minutes from New Street Station, the Bullring, Grand Central and the Cube, as well as a whole host of top restaurants and bars, the homes offer the ultimate base for young professionals looking to make the most of city life

“The UK’s regional cities are such an incredible property investment success story that many expats choose to invest in them even as they live and work elsewhere. It’s the ideal way to enjoy all the advantages of living overseas while still benefiting from the financial opportunities that the UK property market provides.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest
No76 Holloway Head, Birmingham

Whether you live in the UK or overseas, you can connect with the Surrenden Invest team on social media to keep up to date with UK property investment news.

East Asian investors snap up UK real estate

East Asian investors snap up UK real estate

It seems that the ongoing Brexit debacle has done little to deter Asian investors from snapping up real estate investment opportunities in the UK. In fact, the damage done to the pound’s value by Brexit has acted as an incentive for some investors, who have been able to get more for their money in the UK as a result of the country’s decision to leave the EU.

Within Europe, the UK remains the top target for Asian investment, according to 2017 figures. Meanwhile, a report by Intertrust has predicted positive news heading beyond the Brexit leave date of 29 March, in that 67% of real estate professionals expected the volume of Asian real estate investor capital to increase over the course of 2018 and 2019. The Intertrust report found that even the ongoing political uncertainty was unlikely to knock the UK off the European top spot so far as the flow of Asian capital into property was concerned. 56% of those surveyed believe that the UK was likely to see larger increases in Asian capital flows than any other European nation.

“Property investment UK opportunities continue to attract East Asian investors in high numbers for a range of reasons. For those in Hong Kong, for example, UK property offers excellent value for money. For Chinese investors, it’s a way of taking money out of the country, where capital controls are in place. The motivations are varied but the result is the same, so far as the UK is concerned – a thriving property investment market that enjoys a healthy flow of capital from Asia.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

China and Hong Kong are the biggest fans of UK property

2018 figures certainly reflect this, with the Far East behind the lion’s share of overseas investment during the last quarter of 2018 – accounting for £4.8 billion of the quarter’s total of £8.1 billion worth of overseas investment. That £8.1 billion is 16% higher than the five-year quarterly average, while investment from overseas over the whole of 2018 stood at £27.9 billion – 33% above the 10-year annual average.
Surrenden Invest East Asian Investors
Investors from China and Hong Kong are the biggest fans of UK property, so far as total amounts invested are concerned, though Singaporeans, South Koreans and Malaysians are also keen to enjoy all the benefits of working with UK property investment companies. When it comes to buy to let accommodation, those benefits include stead, solid returns and superb capital growth potential. That real estate “has provided more stable returns over the past decade while also being less volatile, which is strengthening investor appetite” is a key reason for the sustained level of interest, according to Rob Blain, executive chairman of CBRE Asia Pacific.
London, of course, is popular with overseas investors. It is the UK’s most well-known city and a capital that carries a certain amount of prestige as a place to own property. As a result, it has been the UK’s top city for cross-border investment for all but one of the past ten years, with Asian capital playing an essential role in it maintaining this position. However, it is far from the only urban centre in the UK that is attracting attention. Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle have all come increasingly under overseas investors’ radar over the past few years.

“The conversation used to start and end with London, just a few years ago, when it came to overseas investors considering where to buy property. Now, regional cities are big news with East Asian investors, as they usually offer better value for money and healthier returns than property investment opportunities in London.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Key hub for regeneration activity

The UK’s second city, Birmingham, certainly has much to appeal to Asian investors. It is known for its outstanding shopping and dining scene, with centres such as the Bullring, Grand Central, the Cube and the Mailbox all making names for themselves. It is also a dynamic business centre and a key hub for regeneration activity, with all the associated benefits that such work can provide to those who invest in the right areas.
The B1 postcode zone is just such an area. Apartments at No. 76 Holloway Head, B1, for example, are surrounded by those iconic retail and gastronomic destinations, as well as being just a two-minute walk from New Street Station – the UK’s busiest railway station outside of London. They are at the heart of the city centre, with regeneration work underway all around them, which is set to impact positively on the inner city zone for years to come.
Such long-term credentials mean that Birmingham, along with other UK cities, will remain firmly in Asian investors’ sights over at least the next five to ten years, irrespective of the UK’s political and economic wrangling with the EU.

For regular updates on investing in top UK regional cities, follow the Surrenden Invest team on social media.

Construction crews ready to start work on Manchester’s Ancoats Gardens

Construction crews ready to start work on Manchester’s Ancoats Gardens

The moment the building of a new development commences is always an exciting time for property investment companies and their investors. Over in the hip Ancoats area of Manchester, the planned demolition work has been coming along splendidly at the site of Ancoats Gardens. The existing building has been fully torn down and the site levelled in preparation for the construction of Ancoats Gardens to begin in earnest.

A split-level tower, Ancoats Gardens ranges in height from seven to fourteen storeys, across which are spread 155 spacious, high-ceilinged apartments. The one, two and three-bedroom homes will deliver an aspirational lifestyle for Manchester’s young, professional families, with a host of on-site facilities that are set to make this one of Ancoats’ most desirable residences. Those features include a large gym, a coffee lounge and a superb rooftop garden.

“I’m delighted to be able to share the news that the Ancoats Gardens site has been levelled, ready for ground works to commence. This is a significant milestone in the history of this development and we anticipate construction proceeding swiftly now that the site is ready. Our experience has shown that this is often a significant milestone in investment terms as well, with many investors keen to get involved as soon as construction is underway – meaning that March is likely to be a busy time for Ancoats Gardens!”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Sustainable, low-carbon technologies within the most energy-efficient Manchester developments

The construction of this flagship new development will incorporate sustainable, low-carbon technologies, with the aim of making Ancoats Gardens one of the most energy-efficient developments in Manchester. The building’s developer, Beech Holdings, is known for championing environmental awareness within the construction sector. The company’s ecological approach and smart design techniques have already garnered it national awards for this element of its work.
In terms of location, Ancoats Gardens enjoys a prime position. The Economic Intelligence Unit 2018 Global Liveability Index named Manchester as the UK’s most liveable city, while Time Out has flagged the city’s Ancoats district as one of the coolest places on Earth.

“Ancoats Gardens is one of those lovely developments where every single element is right, from the location to the on-site facilities to the size of the apartments. With the site ready for construction to begin, it won’t be too long now until Manchester’s most hotly anticipated new residential building is ready to start taking tenants!”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

To find out more and keep up to speed with the latest construction updates, follow the Surrenden Invest team on social media.

Birmingham outperforming other major cities on both jobs and housing front

Birmingham outperforming other major cities on both jobs and housing front

Birmingham has once more shown its strength in comparison to other major UK cities. This time its job market has been under the spotlight. A study produced by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research has projected that Birmingham will enjoy superior employment growth during 2019 than other large cities in the UK.

The report predicts that employment growth in Birmingham to Q3 2019 will reach 1.6%, along with 1.4% GVA growth. Both figures are above those for the same period a year earlier.

At the same time, the West Midlands region, at the heart of which sits Birmingham, is leading the UK in terms of house price growth. The UK House Price Index for December 2018, published in mid-February, shows that the West Midlands enjoyed monthly house price growth of 2.0%, with only Yorkshire and the Humber equally its growth rate in England. In terms of annual growth, the West Midlands led the country, with growth of 5.2% – more than double the national average of 2.3%.

“Birmingham continues to go from strength to strength as a prime location for people to live and invest. The city offers one of the most exciting property investment UK opportunities around, with numerous metrics – from employment growth to house prices – demonstrating its potency.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Birmingham offers outstanding prospects and opportunities

With Birmingham offering such outstanding employment opportunities, many professionals and their families are drawn to the city in order to be a part of its economic success. The city’s major employers include transportation companies, food and beverage retailers, tech firms and finance companies. Their combined offering has led to the creation of a dynamic, thriving city centre, with residents looking to live at the heart of the action as well as work there.

As a property investment company with a long history of offering buy to let property UK opportunities in Birmingham, the Surrenden Invest team has plenty of opportunities in some of the city’s most sought after areas. As well as the B1 postcode area (watch this space for details of a premium B1 development coming soon!), the Surrenden team is delighted to be offering Westminster Works in Digbeth to savvy buy to let investors.

Home to Birmingham’s creative quarter, Digbeth is a mishmash of award-winning eateries and street food, ultra-stylish hipster hangouts and creative, ambitious digital start-ups. Westminster Works serves its residents perfectly, with everything from the luxury furniture packs to the out-standing rooftop terrace having been designed to suit Digbeth’s hip young professionals.

“Being such an enormous city, Birmingham is home to a diverse range of neighbourhoods. One of the most exciting – particularly as an investment prospect, given the forthcoming arrival of HS2 – is Digbeth. Westminster Works is perfectly positioned to appeal to Digbeth’s stylish renters, while also maximising returns for but to let investors looking to be a part of the Birmingham success story.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

To keep up to date with the latest news on investing in Birmingham and other UK regional cities, be sure to follow the Surrenden Invest team on social media.

North East of England to lead house price growth for next five years

North East of England to lead house price growth for next five years

While the future may seem difficult to predict right now, the analysts at Knight Frank have been hard at work making projections that account for wide range of variables, based on the most likely scenarios relating to the economy, employment figures and more. Their conclusion? The North East of England is the place to watch if you want to maximise your profit from property over the next five years.

The figures show a likely house price increase of 10.3% for the UK as a whole between 2019 and 2023. In the North East, that figure leaps to 13.6% – the highest rate of any area of the country. The projections bode well for property investment companies and their investors who have been looking closely at cities such as Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

“We’ve seen a real surge in interest in Newcastle over the past year and the latest Knight Frank projections do much to support that uptick. Newcastle is an incredibly vibrant city with a fast-paced business environment and dynamic start-up market. It also offers a wealth of cultural attractions, as does neighbouring Gateshead. With people keen to enjoy all that these urban areas have to offer, buy to let property UK opportunities there absolutely demand keen attention right now!”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Newcastle and Gateshead offer strong market fundamentals

Newcastle and Gateshead face each other across the banks of the River Tyne. The combined NewcastleGateshead urban area is one that has a huge amount to offer and which has seen its population grow steadily in recent years. That growth is predicted to continue at least through to 2041, according to Office for National Statistics figures.
Plentiful investment is keeping pace with the growth, including exciting projects such as the state-of-the-art entertainment arena at Gateshead Quays and Europe’s tallest observation wheel on the Newcastle riverbank.
For property investors, both Newcastle and Gateshead offer strong market fundamentals, with the Knight Frank price growth data stoking further interest. Hadrian’s Tower, in Newcastle, is the ultimate demonstration of the newfound interest in this gem of a city. Its 27 storeys will see it become the tallest building in the city, with graceful, elegant residences that command attention. The superior on-site facilities will see residents benefit from a stunning Sky Lounge with views across the city, a versatile café environment with touchdown meeting points and a 24/7 hotel-style concierge. Investors, meanwhile, can enjoy 7% NET yield assurance and luxury, ready-to-rent furniture packs for the ultimate easy investment.
Across the river in Gateshead, Hopper House is exciting investors with its 8% NET yields. The 81 stylish, contemporary apartments come with a gym, sauna and steam room for residents’ exclusive use, along with an outdoor terrace for making the most of the summer months.

“With the North East rising to prominence in property investors’ eyes, we’re seeing some really exceptional features being built in to the new apartment blocks there. Tasteful interiors and top locations are now being complemented by stand-out amenities that will serve to draw in residents in their droves. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this market.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

For updates on investing in regional hotspots across the UK, follow the Surrenden Invest team on social media.

Birmingham to be home to UK’s only HS2 connected airport

Birmingham to be home to UK’s only HS2 connected airport

The countdown to the opening of the first branch of the UK’s flagship high speed rail network – HS2 – in 2026 continues apace. The network will reduce journey times between key UK cities significantly, with Birmingham to London taking just 49 minutes by train. According to the AA Route Planner, the same journey would take 2 hours 28 minutes by car at present and with the road network getting busier every year (while infrastructure improvements do little to address traffic congestion), it’s a fair assumption that it will take longer by 2026.

Birmingham’s position on the HS2 network is significant for a number of reasons. The UK’s second city, it has seen a number of leading companies defect there from London in recent years, as Birmingham’s affordability simply makes more sense than running a business in London. Furthermore, Birmingham will be home to the UK’s only HS2 connected airport when the network launches in 2026.

“Birmingham is in an incredibly strong position already in terms of the business and talent that the city is attracting. In seven to eight years’ time, when it has the only HS2 connected airport in the country, the city’s standing will be even higher, driving economic growth and pulling in yet more foreign direct investment as a result of its excellent credentials.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Plans driving economic growth in Birmingham

Birmingham Airport has planned for some £500 million of new investment in order to “modernise and extend our facilities so they are fit for the future and to interconnect with HS2.” The airport’s draft Master Plan 2018 is currently undergoing consultation, as the transport hub prepares for the increased passenger numbers that it is expected to receive over the coming decade. The principle international gateway in the Midlands, the airport is already well connected in terms of the road and rail network, with HS2 set to cement that position.
Birmingham Airport has seen passenger number growth of 40% over the past five years and is now serving some 13 million passengers per year. By 2033, that figure is expected to rise to 18 million. As such, the draft Master Plan 2018 maps out how the airport will enhance the efficiency for its airlines and partners while improving the customer experience and capitalising on its economic potential.

“In the years ahead, we will be working with Birmingham Airport to develop trade links with Commonwealth countries as we look to expand prosperity for the city and region”

Paul Faulkner, CEO, Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Birmingham’s world-class experience

The planned changes include a major extension to the existing terminal building, along with an enhanced check-in area and upgraded baggage sortation facilities. Overall, the extension will increase the size of the departure lounge by around 40%. In keeping with its status as the only HS2 connected airport in the country, the facilities will offer world-class travel experience to those passing through the airport on their way to a wide range of domestic and international destinations.
Such plans benefit all those who live or have a financial stake in Birmingham, from property investment companies to individual investors who own homes there. Buy to let property UK opportunities over the coming years will focus on regional cities, with factors like a £500 million airport upgrade and the arrival of the UK’s fastest rail network likely to make a significant difference to home values.

Exciting Birmingham investment opportunities

Investors in developments such as Westminster Works are some of those who are most likely to benefit. Home to 220 stylish, loft-style apartments, the development allows investors to purchase a property from just £168,000, with net yields of 5%, within the HS2 Southern Gateway regeneration zone. Regeneration work connected with HS2 is widespread and the area of Digbeth around the Curzon Street HS2 station is enjoying significant enhancements. Westminster Works sits at the heart of those enhancements, creating an exciting opportunity both for property investors and for future residents.

“In terms of future plans, Westminster Works is in a prime position to enjoy all that Birmingham has to offer over the coming years. This is a superb development, offering high-spec homes with outstanding facilities, from the impressive rooftop terrace to the concierge service. Big plans are in place for this area of Birmingham over the next decade and Westminster Works has been designed to offer homes that raise the bar for local residents as their neighbourhood grows and develops.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

For the latest news on investing in Birmingham and other UK regional cities, follows Sur-renden Invest on social media.

Property market snapshot – what does 2019 hold in store?

Property market snapshot – what does 2019 hold in store?

The UK property market has made a slow but steady start to 2019, with prices continuing to rise, albeit at a rather stately pace. According to the latest Nationwide data, prices rose by 0.5% during 2018, with a 1.0% increase in rents, based on Office for National Statistics figures. However, 2019 is off to a rather more exciting start in certain regional areas, where price rises are outstripping the national average.

“As expected, we’re seeing a fairly solid start to 2019, so far as the UK property market is concerned. Underlying market conditions mean that many large urban areas face an extensive housing shortage, so demand is strong, particularly for apartments that offer something special in a central location.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Dynamic Property Market Success

Manchester’s Ancoats Gardens, with its outstanding rooftop terrace, or Newcastle’s Hadrian’s Tower with its stunning Sky Lounge and hotel-style services packages are just the kind of developments that are enabling investors to benefit from some of the country’s more dynamic property markets.


Of course, no musing on 2019’s property market would be complete without a mention of the B word. There are plenty of reasons why price growth is slowing as we ease into the year, but key among them is the pre-Brexit caution that many people are feeling as 29 March approaches. However, the long-term outlook remains strong, with Knight Frank forecasting a cumulative rise in property prices of 10.3% by 2023, according to their latest market intelligence.

“With caution in the air at the start of 2019, what we’re seeing is demand for high quality developments. Investors are looking for apartments that offer something unique – that stand out from the crowd. These well-located, luxurious homes continue to sell well, providing the market with a good sense of stability as 2019 gets underway.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest
In terms of a projection for the year, it’s all about the regions. Cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle are looking forward to being strong performers in 2019, so far as property is concerned. That’s not to say that London is out of the running. Indeed, pockets of the capital are well placed to command healthy yields this year, particularly when it comes to the commuter belt that surrounds the vast, sprawling city. Areas such as Gerrards Cross and Reading certainly have something about them that is making property investment companies sit up and pay attention right now.
Ultimately, 2019 is going to be an interesting year. Prices may waiver as the year progresses, but demand remains strong, particularly for rental homes, as the UK population’s growth continues to outpace that of its housing stock.

To keep abreast of the latest UK housing market and property investment UK developments, along with expert opinions and insights, follow the Surrenden Invest team on social media.

New data reveals Birmingham leading post-Brexit vote house price growth

New data reveals Birmingham leading post-Brexit vote house price growth

Birmingham has enjoyed a 16% increase in house prices since the Brexit vote in June 2016, according to the latest UK Cities House Price Index from Hometrack. The December 2018 report reveals that a total of ten cities have recorded double digit increases in house prices since the vote, with Birmingham and Manchester at the top of the table.

“The Hometrack data confirms the importance of the UK’s regional cities when it comes to residential property investment. Savvy investors who put their money into Birmingham, Manchester and other regional urban areas have enjoyed impressive capital growth over the past two and a half years. Yields in these cities are also some of the highest in the country, making them a win-win for buy to let landlords.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

Birmingham Smithfield set to be a success

According to the new Hometrack report, “impetus for growth in both activity and prices is focused in regional housing markets.” It’s a message that the Surrenden Invest team have been delivering for some time. Regional markets are going from strength to strength, with large-scale infrastructure projects such as HS2 doing much to boost their long-term potential. Extensive regeneration work is also contributing to the appeal of these regional markets, with areas such as Digbeth in Birmingham and Ancoats in Manchester benefiting from some superb city planning, which is creating ultra-desirable neighbourhoods packed with eager renters.
The residential sector is responding accordingly. In Digbeth, Westminster Works provides 220 loft-style apartments, with the warehouse-esque building inspired by Birmingham’s industrial past. The building backs on to the huge Birmingham Smithfield regeneration site, which has been flagged up by the city as a “once in a generation” opportunity. Inside, the homes are full of light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, while ceilings some 0.5 metres higher than the average city centre apartment create a wonderful sense of space. An outstanding rooftop terrace and concierge service combine with a prime Digbeth location to make this one of Birmingham’s most exciting contemporary developments.
Similarly, Ancoats Gardens in Manchester is offering something a cut above the average, with its superb rooftop terrace, coffee lounge and on-site gym. The 155 luxurious apartments are perfectly positioned to benefit from the city’s recent and ongoing regeneration work, being just 500 metre from the huge, master-planned NOMA site.

“The Brexit vote did nothing to dent investors’ appetite for top buy to let property UK locations. In fact, Hometrack’s transactional data reveals that people have continued to buy property at a steady rate. Our own experience, meanwhile, has shown that investors are focusing on high-end homes in prime regional locations – just the areas that the Hometrack figures have shown to be leading the post-Brexit vote growth.”

Jonathan Stephens, MD, Surrenden Invest

To keep up to date with the latest UK buy to let market developments and enjoy regular up-dates on regional developments, connect with Surrenden Invest on social media today.