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Market Essentials City Guides


Market Essentials City Guides


As one of the UK’s leading and most trusted property consultancies, Surrenden Invest prides itself on providing clients with access to marketleading buy to let opportunities in the best locations for long-term growth. When creating our range of property guides, we adopt a collaborative approach. As a result, each downloadable report is packed with expert advice from real estate professionals with unrivalled market knowledge.

If you have not yet purchased a property through Surrenden Invest, these UK property guides are a great introduction to the company. They will provide an insight into the level of detail that goes into sourcing opportunities for our clients. Our experienced team follows a strict due diligence process when onboarding a product. As a result, a lot of our research has been broken down into our selection of Location Guides, Market Essentials Reports and Insights.


Manchester City Guide 2022

Home to some of the UK’s best performing buy to let postcodes, find out why there is plenty of room for growth in the City Centre and wider Greater Manchester region.


Newcastle City Guide 2022

Named the UK’s most loved city, Newcastle has emerged as a lower entry level property hotspot. With a robust 5-year forecast, learn why Newcastle offers exceptional growth potential.


Birmingham City Guide 2022

The UK’s ‘Second City’ has plenty to offer investors in the shape of capital gains and yield growth. Find which parts of Birmingham are currently offering the best ROI and why.

CityGuides Hull

Hull City Guide 2022

Hull remains one of the most affordable buy-to-let locations in the UK, despite its strong market fundamentals, Hull has flown under the radar as a hotspot for property investment until now.


London City Guide 2022

As one of the world’s most sought-after property investment locations, London continues to prove its resilience yet, commuter belt locations offer significantly higher returns. Discover what is driving growth in and around the Capital.


Liverpool City Guide 2022

Known around the world for its culture, musical heritage and bustling industry. Liverpool offers some of the best gains on the market. Download the guide and learn which types of assets and which areas provide the best return on investment.

Sheffield City Guide 2022

Located in one of the UK’s top regions for house price growth, Sheffield has emerged as a low entry-level option for property investors. Download the guide and find out why we have labelled Sheffield as a 2022 BTL hotspot.

Leicester City Guide 2022

With property prices set to soar in the East Midlands over the next five years, uncover what’s driving demand for buy-to-let property in Leicester and the top postcodes for returns in this brand-new city guide for 2022.

National City Guides 2022

Stay up to date with what’s going on in the UK property news and trends by accessing Surrenden Invest’s selection of National Guides. Discover how to capitalise on the high demand for buy-to-let property and generate a reliable, passive income.

About our UK property investment guides

As an investor, we always advise that you take your time to select the right buy to let investment for you, and although it is important to conduct your own research, these downloadable PDFs are the perfect starting point.

It is tempting for UK-based investors and those buying their first investment property to enter a market local to where they live. However, this strategy is rarely the most lucrative option for buyers. Our reports contain everything you need to know about local property markets, helping you expand your property search and save time conducting your own research. They also directly compare the overall performance and forecast for the UK market, allowing you to select a location for investment with confidence.

Our Location Guides are packed with information about the local property market in question and will detail what drives the demand for property in the area. As a consultancy, we always take a long-term view for investments which means each guide details current and pipeline regeneration projects that are likely to affect the market.

Whether you are looking for low entry-level property, reliable rental returns or capital gains, our detailed UK Property Guides will outline which markets are most likely to achieve your desired results.

Click on the guides you want to download, and we will send a copy direct to your inbox.

Where to invest in UK property?

One of the biggest considerations for property investors is deciding where to invest. Throughout Surrenden Invest’s guides, we look at the best places to buy property across the UK, comparing rental yields and capital growth potential over the next five years.

As an investor, we understand that you want your money to deliver the best return. By carefully selecting a UK property hotspot, you stand to make a regular income from a rental property whilst seeing your asset increase in value over time.

When choosing a location, we always take a long-term view and establish what factors will future-proof the area. For buy to let investors, understanding where and why rents are rising in the UK is of utmost importance for securing a long-term return from property.

Currently, UK rental data highlights growth outside of London, with regional markets significantly outpacing the capital and the overall UK average.

This trend will likely continue throughout 2022, allowing investors to look away from London to diversify their property portfolio to include lower entry-level options in regional hotspots.

Throughout 2021, UK property prices have risen in most regions at a slow and steady pace despite the pandemic and the knock-on effect of Brexit. The introduction of a Stamp Duty Holiday period – which recently ended – coupled with low-interest rates and new mortgage products for first-time buyers have contributed to the volume of properties sold.

In 2022, we expect that regional markets will continue to rise faster than London and the South East, with the exception of a few commuter belt locations. You can find out more about what is driving growth and which area is best for your budget by accessing our Location Guides.

Deciding on the best buy to let option for you

When it comes to deciding on the best buy to let option for you, several factors come into consideration, including how much you should invest and whether to buy using a mortgage or cash.

It is tempting to go for the highest returns and the fastest increases in your capital invested when you’re looking to make money. However, long-term opportunities are usually a lower risk, and you will still end up with a healthy return on investment.

Our range of UK Property Investment Guides and Market Analysis Reports will provide you with a clearer picture of the market and outline the regions that are expected to see the highest level of growth over the next few years.

Employment prospects and the creation of new jobs, improvements to infrastructure, rising university student numbers and graduate retention rates, plus population growth and trends on the local rental market are all factors that investors should consider when selecting

a property investment. Surrenden Invest’s library of guides will save you time by highlighting these key factors and more to help you decide your next property purchase.

The overall strength of the UK’s property also makes it an ideal choice for diversification, allowing those with the funds to diversify their portfolio by spreading money across a few asset classes or locations. This strategy allows you to benefit from rises in one area while also lowering risks if an asset underperforms.

If you already have a property portfolio, you should always review the performance of your investments, as markets will inevitably change over time. Our range of guides to investing in property will provide you with an overview of the market’s current performance and future forecasts and help you keep track of the best-performing markets to give yourself the best chance of solid returns.

How to start investing in UK property

Given the variety on offer and scale of the UK’s property sector, it makes sense for first-time investors and those new to the market to seek professional advice before buying.

Our selection of Property Guides will educate those who want to start investing in UK property about what to expect from the market and how to invest wisely for sustainable growth.

By downloading any number of our available guides, you will have the advantage of gaining expert knowledge into the best-performing regional markets, and you will become familiar with standard terms and phrases within the UK’s property sector.

Whether you are investing for the first time or buying from overseas, our comprehensive library of UK property investment guides will take you step-by-step through the purchase process, market trends and other considerations before investing.

What’s more, Surrenden Invest regularly releases new copies throughout the year, meaning that you will have access to the latest Market Reports and Insights simply by opting to download the most relevant PDFs to you.

Another positive that first-time investors should note about purchasing a property through Surrenden Invest is the passive, hands-off approach to building a property portfolio. Once you have completed, an experienced Management Company will deal with maintenance and letting, allowing you to enjoy the returns. As a result, your free time remains free and not occupied by managing your first investment property.

Download your property buying guide

Buy to let is the jewel in the crown of the UK property investment market, and selecting the right opportunity provides investors with impressive returns over the long term. Depending on the asset class and the property’s location, investors can enjoy a steady income that will provide monthly rental yields and appreciate in value over time.

Our selection of property investment guides will help you decide on the best types of property for your circumstances. Our upfront approach helps investors determine their objectives and outline what to expect from investing in the UK and its rising regional hotspots.

If you have any questions and would like to speak about your options, contact Surrenden Invest. A member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to see how we can meet your investment requirements.

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