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Surrenden Invest has an unrivalled national portfolio of developments that include off-plan and new-build buy-to-let investment opportunities in the best-performing locations for returns. As the UK’s leading property consultancy, our extensive track record and our exclusive partnerships allow us to present our clients with high-performing UK property investments that traditionally would only be available to institutional investors and funds.

Boasting excellent-rated reviews on Trustpilot, Surrenden Invest is dedicated to providing clients with access to income-generating property investment opportunities that offer a reliable and robust income stream. Whether you are just starting or expanding your portfolio, our team of property experts is available to discuss your requirements and provide information on fully managed investments.


Explore our latest range of property investments, UK

Why invest in property UK?

For many years, the UK’s property market has been considered a safe haven for domestic and international investors, attracting those who want to achieve a reliable rental income and secure significant capital gains over a longer period. With interest rates at a record-low, particularly when compared to rates before the global financial crisis, and the demand for new-build properties at an all-time high, the UK’s property market has plenty of opportunities for buyers.

Surrenden Invest’s strict due diligence process means that we only bring high-quality real estate investments to market, providing our clients with realistic, long-term growth potential. So whether you want to create a regular retirement income or build a portfolio of investment properties, our team is available to assist with your search.

As each investment is fully managed, our opportunities are ideal for UK and overseas investors who want to build wealth through property without managing every aspect of their portfolio.

Where to invest in UK property?

When it comes to selecting your next property investment, the adage ‘location, location, location’ is a true one, which is why we balance a regional focus with a national outlook to establish the best opportunities for our clients.

With both rental yields and housing values rising, the growth seen across the UK at the moment is nationwide, presenting investors with a range of advantages, including a lower entry onto the property market, a variety of asset classes to diversify, plus the added benefit of favourable returns.

To help investors pinpoint the best location for their rental property, our team of industry experts regularly share their knowledge and insights in our City Guides, which are updated throughout the year. Each City Guide takes an in-depth look into the factors driving demand in the UK’s best performing locations for returns and provides a 5-year forecast to highlight what investors can expect to achieve in the mid-to-long term.

Helping you to build wealth through real estate

The overall strength of the UK’s property market provides many options for those who want to build wealth through real estate. At Surrenden Invest, we assist our clients throughout the decision-making process to ensure that the asset they purchase will help them achieve their goals.

With a positive outlook for house price growth in place for the next five years, the traditional route of buying and selling for a profit is certainly an option for those who want to take advantage of the gains available on the market. After all, low interest rates are great for borrowers; however, for those who have money gathering dust in savings accounts, the property market certainly could make your money work harder for you.

As tenant demand reaches an all-time high, residential buy-to-let is an increasingly popular option for investors. With rents expected to rise at a similar rate to housing values over the next few years, rental property is a stable option for those who want to generate a reliable income in the years to come.

With a strong market forecast in place, many investors are taking advantage of new-build apartments and off-plan properties, which often come with a lower entry-level price and the ability to secure a reliable rental return from a fully managed asset.

Whether you are looking to secure an off-plan property or want a completed apartment within a residential development, our selection of investments will help you to build wealth through real estate.

Property investment for beginners

Knowing how to invest in property is one of the obstacles our first-time investors face when they begin their journey. After all, purchasing an offplan or buy-to-let property is different to buying a home.

We understand that it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why Surrenden Invest produces detailed guides to investing in UK property. We cover everything from different types of property investment, industry terminology, historical market trends, current hotspots, regional demographics, and investment best practices.

No matter that stage you are at, our range of industry guides will help with your decision-making process, and when it is time to speak to a property expert, the Surrenden Invest team will be on hand to answer your questions.

Investing from overseas

Named the world’s most transparent market, UK real estate is widely considered one of the safest and most secure sectors globally, with longstanding laws in place to protect the rights of landowners and homeowners. For years, the popularity of property investments in the UK has seen international investors flocking to the market to capitalise on potential gains from a proven and reliable sector.

With values and rents climbing at a record pace over the last 12 months, the appeal of UK real estate is showing no signs of slowing down, with more investors taking advantage of the strong performance of UK property across a range of different asset classes and locations. The UK also remains a top target for expats who enter the market understanding what’s driving values and rents up. Expats will also be pleased to know that our dedicated team of property professionals has helped hundreds of clients purchase buy-to-let property in the UK.

Surrenden Invest is trusted by clients from all over the world to source and deliver profitable buy-to-let investments. The fully-managed nature of our range of opportunities enables international buyers to benefit from owning an asset that rises in value over time, whilst receiving a monthly or quarterly rental income.

Next steps

As the home of your property portfolio, Surrenden Invest carefully curated a selection of opportunities located in prime locations up and down Great Britain. Our exclusive range of investment property for sale offers investors access to market-leading products which are expertly managed upon completion to deliver a robust rental income.

For more information about how our excellent-rated service can help you with your next property investment, contact Surrenden Invest today.

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