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Give your Buy-To-Let a spring clean

By Surrenden Invest | March 31, 2017

Spring has finally arrived in the UK and we have seen temperatures rise dramatically in the last week, and this, coupled with the start of British Summer Time, means longer, warmer days. Now is the perfect time for property landlords and tenants to carry out a thorough spring clean to ensure that your residential investment retains its value. To ensure your property is in the best condition, read our guide to spring cleaning your buy-to-let property.

Spring Cleaning Advice For Landlords

As a landlord, you cannot enter a home without the tenant’s permission to check internal health, but you can work on the exterior.
The first task is to check any timber on the property for damage and decay. Get woodwork repaired and treated, and consider a fresh coat of paint. Paint protects woodwork, reducing the need for future repairs.
As the weather warms, pests start to emerge from hibernation and breed. Check for pest entry points – slipped tiles, and rips and tears in the felt, will let pests in. Look out for crumbling brickwork and holes in the walls, as well as air bricks and plumbing access to the property – all these points can let pests in.
Gutters and downpipes should be cleared of leaves and other debris, and if there is a soakaway, make sure this is working well. Some tenancy agreements make this a task for the tenant.
Inside jobs, which need to be arranged with your tenant, include checking the boiler and heating system, servicing the air conditioning, and checking for signs of damp or mould. If you have an agent, they should be carry out these checks on your behalf.

Spring Cleaning Advice for Tenants

Spring is the time to tackle the garden. The grass will need its first cut of the year, and early weeds will start to appear. If you have patio or garden furniture, give it a good clean with warm, soapy water. Wood should be re-sealed.
Inside, you should give the property a deep clean – empty and clean cupboards, hire a carpet cleaner to wash the carpets, and dust all those hard-to-reach areas. Also, check paintwork, fixtures and fittings, and report any problems to your landlord or agent. Ensure that windows open and close properly, that extractor fans are all operating normally, and give your oven a good clean too.
A good spring clean can freshen up a property, making a more pleasant and desirable home for tenants, which means they are more likely to stay – also, new tenants will pay more for a well-kept home.

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