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Housing Manifesto Pledges of the Leading Political Parties

By Surrenden Invest | June 3, 2017

All three main political parties agree that we need to build more homes in England and Wales. However, there is no agreement on how this policy is carried out.

The Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats each have alternative ideas on the number of houses required, how they will be built and how much tax payers’ money should be used to support this building work. We have examined the housing policies of each of the three dominant parties in the run up to the 2017 General Election.

What are the parties promising on housing?

Because housing is a devolved issue, Westminster is only responsible for policy in England and Wales. Here we share the most important points to highlight how parties agree, and where they differ, on the delivery of housing.
Each of the main political parties have published their housing policy within their manifestos, and we encourage our readers to review each one carefully before the election, so read the ConservativeLabour and the Liberal Democrat manifestos.
The Conservative Party has pledged to enact all the reforms suggested in the Housing White Paper, which contains vital information on the private rental sector, including the construction of more affordable housing for rent, as well as an update on the ban on lettings agents’ fees and minimum tenancies.
If the latest polls are anything to go by, the result of the election is unpredictable at present. While the Conservatives are still favourites to win, there is a chance of a hung parliament, and a coalition is not an impossible outcome, although the Liberal Democrats have already said they will not form another coalition with either party.

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