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Savvy property developers have seen the light, and they’re getting smart

By Surrenden Invest | August 26, 2015

Hi-Tech Smart Homes Give Property Developers An Edge

Smart Homes Make Sense For Developers And Homeowners Alike
The world of property development has become a rather crowded place over the last decade or so. A growing number people now see themselves as property developers and the amount of homes being built or refurbished, either for sale or rent, has exploded of late.

As with any market that is thick with competition, those involved need to innovate in order to stand out from the crowd. William S. Burroughs once famously said, ‘When you stop growing you start dying’, and that is certainly true for those battling to be amongst the top dogs in the property game.

Developers Get Smart
Savvy developers are catching on to the ever-growing smart trend and they’re taking things to the next level. No longer is it just about your watch, phone or car; the home is now becoming smart too. Smart home technology is not just for the tech junkie, however.

More and more developers are incorporating smart tech into their plans in order to make the lives of older or disabled people better too. Smart homes can offer simple things that make the world of difference for those in wheelchairs or have other mobility issues. From smartphone apps that turn off the lights through to voice activated televisions, smart homes look set to revolutionise the way we live.

Smart Homes Are Nothing New
The one surprise is that it has taken as long as it has to get off of the ground. Microsoft founder and legendary philanthropist, Bill Gates, has been espousing the technology for over ten years now and it seems that his message is finally hitting home with those who matter; the developers.

However, business is business, and the reason why it has taken so long to become more commonplace is probably down to cost. Kitting a home out with smart technology is now wholly viable, and many developers see the offering of a smart home as the perfect marketing ploy in this digital age.

What They Can Offer
The list of things that a smart home can do is growing almost daily. As the technology becomes more prevalent, so do the ideas on what else can be changed in and around the home.

Doors can open as you approach them, meaning that physical keys could soon become a thing of the past. If you want to let in a service provider while you are at work that’s no problem either, simply tap your enabled smartphone and they are in. Don’t worry about security; you can monitor them via the phone too.

Seemingly inanimate objects can work with you in a smart home. Your lights will recognise where you are as you move through your home, potentially saving you money in energy bills. Better still, your coffee machine will know that you are up and start to brew your favourite drink so that it’s ready for you when you get to the kitchen.

It’s not just about convenience either. Damage alerts can save you thousands in costly repairs. A smart home will tell you when you have a water leak, so you’ll know sooner rather than later. And it’ll pinpoint the leak for you too, which will save you searching for the source of the problem.

Smart homes are undoubtedly the future. Thankfully, property developers are keen to bring that future forward as quickly as they can.

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